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NEW: Barrow AFC
Draw too much. No chance of any success at any time
yo Ho nearly the start of the season what says you all hope everybody is keeping well my best regards to all BARROW FOR PROMOTION TAKE CARE Alex
NEW: BGS Memorial Plaques and pub weekend
NEW: Hello where are you all
Good morning is there no one posting now, what a shame a good webpage going to waste here, i'm still here and posting the White House Hotel has gone been pull down the garage next door has bought it and using it for car space, Arnlington House Abbey Rd is down too building houses on it now, ...
Hallo anybody home if so hallo if not look what yous have mist kind regards alex
HI! all just checking in my regards to all and hope everybody is keeping ok stay safe and be careful regards alex
NEW: Worse than Workington
Out of the FA Trophy after another dire performance. Relegation pretty certain this season also, now with the truly desperate inability to score goals, yet fantastic ability to concede lots of them. Pathetic. What a waste of a Dallas Billionaire's cash.
Happy New Year A happy new year to every one All the very best to all for the year 2016 And thanks for making this a great site CHEERS KIND REGARDS ALEX
NEW: Christmas 2014
It's very quiet in this forum and it seems to run itself with very little maintenance these days but for those that still pop in and say hello I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all the best for 2016. Please take the time to respond if you can as this ...
NEW: Barrow Pubs *LINK*
For those of you still viewing this website, I have updated the sister site www.barrowpubs.co.uk a history of every pub and hotel stood in barrow. This is the first update in 9 years. Enjoy... Bill

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