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HI Alex here just wondering is there anybody still on the site hope there is if so hallo if not thats sad i have enjoyed it and making friendsbut i will keep trying I hope to get over to Barrow this year health permitting to see all my relations looking forward to that well thats all folks wish you ...
Well everybody its nearly the end of another year 2017 I hope the year 2018 will be better than the last I wish all on southlakes a very Happy New Year and take care to everybody CHEERS KIND REGARDS Alex
To all on or visit South lakes may i wish everbody a very merry CHRISTMAS And a happy and prosperous and healthy 2018 CHEERS EVERY ONE kindest Regards Alex Mc Williams
Its holiday time hope to make a visit soon see how things go looking forward to it be there late august see yous all then Kind Regards alex
Well they are still hanging in thier just what say you Niell ? I have not been folloing them to much guilty on that count take care alex
NEW: Things we used to do
Memories. Chopper bikes, Noel Edmonds' Swap Shop, Panini football stickers, 3 channels on tv, free milk at school, ZX Spectrum. Life was so much easier when we were kids. bike rides through the country lanes, picnics at the beach, playing out until it gets dark, orchard raiding, mushroom ...
Hope Barrow are not going to blow it ? lost again today need to buck up or we will not reach the playoffs I really hope they do and this is only a lapps in form what say you neil regards alex
NEW: Big fire in Barrow
Many thanks, Bill - Google pics most helpful. Strange that I still have no real recollection of the building though I must have passed it hundreds, if not thousands, of times: obviously 'just' one of those Victorian buildings that you passed without a moment's thought but a significant ...
NEW: Big fire in Barrow Abbey Road
Happy New Year to everyone . Hope that you all had a good Christmas & New Year. Can anyone define precisely just where this building that caught fire on Abbey road is located? Memories have grown dim after 90 years and can no longer sequence things going along Abbey Road out of town. From the ...
NEW: 2017
well another year glad to see it wishing all on southlakes a happy new year Kind regards Alex

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