Rank File title Downloaded
1Allan Davies - Vocalist and Guitarist9
2Peter Garbatz - from Furness Live Music with Barrington Mozart 6th November 20064
3The Fallen Leaves - Rosie and Matt2
4Bill Myers - from Evening Mail Memories discussing his new book about Barrow in the 1980s called Boomtown.2
5Paul Laing - "Welcome to my world" - Visually Impaired0
6Barrington Mozart - [acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter] .2nd interview Abbey FM 8th Jan 20075
7GEMMA JOHNSON - [A Karen Carpenter sound alike] 31st Jan 20070
8Lovers of the Arctic Circle [LOTEC] - 1st Feb 20071
9Dom and Floss - from For-Play 7th Feb 20070
10Dave McGerty / Chapter 5 - Talking about Chapter 5 and the music scene in Furness in the 1960s 19th Feb 20075
11Askam in Furness website review 0
12Bobs Taxitales. A Barrow Cabbie talks to me about his taxi tales.1
13 Walney Isle .co.uk0
14John Little - Barrow Magic website review 2
15 Richard Durrant - Acoustic Guitarist 0
16 Website Review Vintage Sixties Live 0
17 Jon Byrne - Folk guitarist (2nd April 2007) 0
18Bill Clark Reporting from Furness Model Railway Exhibition 20071
19 SEVENS - 5 piece band (18th April 2007) 1
20 Gwen Hechle - Songwriter and Acoustic vocalist. (4th June 2007) 0
21 Bill Clark Interviewing People queueing to buy "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (21st July 2007)0
22 LOBE - Live on 107.3 Abbey FM (25th July 2007)0
23ELVIS - A Tribute to Elvis Presley 30 years since his death (16th August 2007 - ABBEY FM)1
24LOBE Acoustic Duos 2nd guest appearance on Abbey FMs acoustic hour (23rd August 2007)0
25GWEN HECHLE Acoustic Guitarist and singer/songwriter. 2nd guest appearance on Abbey FMs acoustic hour (28th August 2007)0
26David Duffin - Acoustic Meltdown Guitarist and singer/songwriter. (11th September 2007)1
27Tongue Tide - Acoustic Female Duo Live on Abbey FM (20th September 2007)0
28The Rezillos Interviewed by me on Abbey FMs Late Show (11th October 2007)4
29Sewer Side Cafe Recorded Live on Abbey FMs Late Show with Bill Clark (24th October 2007)0
30HAZEL O'CONNOR Talking about her life and love of music (1st November 2007)0
31John Regan [The J R Experience] Chatting about his music and playing his songs live on Abbey FM (15th January 2008)0
32The Dead Letters Playing their music live and acoustically on Abbey FM (28th January 2008)0
33The Prophets Live and acoustic in the studio (29th January 2008)0
34Tongue Tide Return to Abbey FM Studios for another session. Live and acoustic (30th January 2008)0
35Dave Duffin, Live acoustic session on Abbey FM. (4th February 2008)1
36Gwen Hechle, Back by popular demand on Abbey FM. (5th February 2008)1
37Sewer Side Cafe from Millom playing live on Abbey FM. (6th February 2008)0
38Codejak playing live on Abbey FM. (3rd March 2008)0
39Jon Regan (JR Experience) playing an acoustic session on Abbey FM. (4th March 2008)1
40Dave Duffin live on Abbey FM. (5th March 2008)1
4143p Short 6 piece band playing acoustically on Abbey FM. (10th March 2008)0
42Gwen Hechle returns again to the studios for another session. There's no stopping her when she gets going. (11th March 2008)0
43Louise Mary Martin from Ulverston live with Bill Clark on Abbey FM (17th March 2008)1
44The Fallen Leaves playing live acoustically on Abbey FMs Late Show. (27th March 2008)0
45Reach For The Dream Films Interview Promoting their new film and looking for Extras. (14th April 2008)0
46Rosie Mitchell Rosie Mitchell, Webmaster of "Barrow Day by Day" website (15th April 2008)2
47Gwen Hechle celebrating a Happy Abbey Birthday by perfoming a live acoustic session on Abbey FM (22nd April 2008)2
48Tongue Tide Jodi and Ali (acoustic duo) performing a live session on Abbey FM (23rd April 2008)0
49The Prophets A four piece band performing an acoustic set and talking about their upcoming gigs, live on Abbey FM's acoustic hour (24th April 2008)1
50Oakbank A three piece new acoustic band who have only been around a few months. (28th April 2008)6
51Jon Regan and Carl Hallows Jon was playing live acoustic in the studio and Carl was talking about the upcoming big music event of the year in Cumbria - Furness Fest. (29th April 2008)0
52Chrissie Black playing a live acoustic session in the studios at Abbey FM. (30th April 2008)0
53Gwen Hechle Returns to the studios to complete her session after extreme popular demand (1st May 2008)0
54Cari Flower Live acoustic session on the radio (6th May 2008)0
55John Reynolds Under tyhe guise of "Bird of Prey". Live on Abbey Acoustic (7th May 2008)0
56Dave Duffin Acoustic session with "George" on Abbey FM (13th May 2008)0
57Allan Hannath Acoustic session live on Abbey FM (20th May 2008)5
58Buzz Hawkins The Bradshaws interviewed on Abbey FM (12th June 2008)1
59The Prophets return to Abbey FMs acoustic hour to promote their gig at Furness Fest (19th June 2008)0
60Atlas First time on Abbey FMs acoustic hour (23rd June 2008)0
61Your Intentions 4 of them and all 15 years old - First time on Abbey FMs acoustic hour (30th June 2008)0
62Gwen Hechle returns to the studios for another session by very popular demand (1st July 2008)0
63Louise Mary Martin back in the studio after her March debut on Abbey FM for another acoustic session (2nd July 2008)0
64Allan Hannath His second live acoustic session on Abbey FM (7th July 2008)4
65Jon Byrne makes a welcome return to Abbey FM (8th July 2008)7
66Jon Regan (J R Experience) is back to play live on the radio and chat about Furness fest (9th July 2008)0
6743p Short A 6 piece electric band but 3 of them came into the studio to play acoustically (10th July 2008)0
68Atlas back to talk about Furness Fest which is coming up this weekend. Carl Hallows from The fest joins us on the phone as well. (14th July 2008)0
69Crissie Black returns to the studio to chat about Furness Fest and other upcoming gigs and Carl Hallows from The Fest joined us for an update on the phone as well. (15th July 2008)0
70Tongue Tide played and chatted about Furness Fest as well as their upcoming gig called The Twisted Caberet (16th July 2008)0
71David Duffin played and talked about his upcoming event at the Walney Bridge Centenary celebrations on 27th July. (A week on Sunday) (17th July 2008)1
72Black Sanitarium local band playing live on Abbey FMs acoustic hour on 20th August 20080
73Reeltime "Ceilidh" Band 6 talented people playing 6 instruments live on the radio 1st September 20080
74Cari Flower Second session on Abbey FMs acoustic Hour 9th September 20080
75My First, My Last and My Everything I am appearing as a guest on John Littles show. Find out more about me. 24th September 20082
76The Fallen Leaves Promoting new acoustic nights and playing their music 1st October 20080
77Reeltime "Ceilidh" Band 5 talented youngsters playing v variety of instruments 9th October 20080
78Your Intentions Back in the studio for another session 27th October 20080
79Gwen Hechle back by extreme popular demand 10th November 20080
80Reeltime Ceilidh Folk Band talking about Furness Youth Radio and Barrow Xmas Lights Switch on 13th November 20080
81Gillian Nicholson, Elite, Gwen hechle and Dropping Point all piled into the studio to talk about an upcoming fundraising gig to help feed the birds through the winter. 9th December 20080
82Jon Byrne talking about his new record contract and the release of the new Album. 18th December 20084
83Reporting on the Death of Emlyn Hughes0
84Tracy Woolveridge [Cancer Patient] 11th Nov 20030
85Discussing History of Furness with a caller on the phone. 6th November 20030
86Jane Thatcher and a scout troop in the studio. 26th January 20050
87Ian Harrop [Scout Leader] talks about scouting 26th January 20051
88Leanne Shaw from Barrow - Hospital Injection [Wind Up Call]11
89Clare from Blockbuster Video gets insulted [Wind Up Call]12
90The Orange Shop [Wind Up Call]5
91Booking a Driving Lesson [Wind Up Call]20
92Complaining about a Taxi Driver [Wind Up Call]12

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