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Barrow Corporation Bus fleet number 50, 72 and 73
Barrow Corporation Bus fleet number 50 and 73
Barrow Corporation Bus fleet number 50
Barrow Corporation Bus fleet number 71
Barrow Corporation Bus fleet number 72 amd 73

Barrow Corporation Bus fleet number 72
Barrow Corporation Bus fleet number 102
Barrow Corporation Bus fleet number 104
SLV6755A Tea House bus
CEO952 Double Decker used as a training bus with L plates

this bus has 2 different reg plates dated around 1972
A very Early Barrow Bus UNDATED
Pre 1962 double deckers in the Barrow Depot
EO9172 Fleet number 142 on its way to West Shore
EO9178 Fleet number 148 on its way to Rainey Park

EO9511 surrounded by other buses in the Barrow Depot
EO9180 at the Town Hall, looking at surroundings I`d guess around 1968
HEO275 Double Decker with other buses
HEO277 oin Duke Street heading to Biggar Bank
HEO280 Fleet number 110 outside the Town Hall

HEO273 Ulverston and is turning right to join the old A 590 to travel to Barrow. Straight on is Lightburn Road
HEO278 double decker
SEO210M fleet number 10 in 1977
Buses in the Depot around Mid 1980s
Adverts on the back of the bus tickets

One of Barrows first Motor Buses around 1933
1950s Corporation recovery bus
Tram outside Abbey Road Cons Club UNDATED
Tram on a very narrow Abbey Road
HEO271 Barrow Double Decker fleet no.1

LEO143J 1971 single decker outside Town Hall fleet no.3
UEO479T 1979 Single Decker fleet no.17
WEO146T Single Decker Dennis Bus 1979 fleet no.18
HEO246G Single Decker 1969 fleet no.46
GEO160G Bus no.60 single decker 1970fleet no.60

JEO769 Quite old 1950s bus fleet no.69
JEO772 Black and white single decker outside Town Hall fleet no.72
D457BEO Barrow Borough Transport Bus around 1988
OJD175R is a 1978 BBT double decker
HEO273 Pre 1962 Leyland Double decker parked at side of Town Hall

LEO736Y 1983 Leyland BBT double decker
A266PEO 1984 Leyland Double Decker
EO9056 Dated 1950s Double Decker bus fleet no.129.
EO9179 Pre 1960s double decker
Barrow Bus Depot in the 1970s showing fleet numbers 50 and 165

An Electric Tram in Barrow around World War 1
Double decker fleet no.153
Single Decker Bus
JEO772 fleet no.72
Fleet No.104 outside Town Hall

CEO956 fleet no.169 now restored
CEO957 fleet no.170 now restored
CEO956 fleet no.169 showing coloured destination board
EO8699 Double Decker on Abbey Rd
EO9053 Double Decker on Church Street

Bus Depot showing Fleet Numbers 57 17 10 and 68 Oct1979
Old Ribble Bus at Greenodd long before A590 Bypass was built
1904 Barrow Tram
1910 Barrow Tram
Cumberland Motor Bus Undated

1920 Cumberland Double Decker Bus
Tram on Duke Street
Duke Street Tram around 1910 outside Town Hall
First Tram Car on Bridge Road
Single Decker fleet no.54 at Harrel Lane Terminus

View inside a tram around 1920
Old Barrow bus from around 1982
A 1918 Motor Bus
EO8652 Brand New Double Decker early 1940a
Thge Old Library Bus in September 1979

Old steam tram next to its 1904 modern replacement
Old tram on Abbey Rd
JCK527 Ribble Double Decker
Ribble Buses at Ulverston Terminus in 1979
Fleet Number 169 at Rampside

A scan of the old pre decimal BCT bus tickets
1911 Tram
Tram somewhere in Barrow
A Tramcar parked up
1912 Trams

Tram at unknown location in Barrow
Trams Horse and Carts on Abbey Rd